August 29, 2012

it moans

remember ......
day at the barn yesterday we love
it moans when we flushed
when we have created a beautiful smile .....

really .....
I truly feel beautiful
I feel the love is beautiful
beautiful and unforgettable forever

although over time through me
My right leaving my beautiful plant seeds
I make it so the dream
when I'm falling asleep in your heart ....

my love

have love in my life
heart subdued feeling turned
not when I still continue to give
beautiful heart of love for you

until my death ....
you remain in the hearts
to me it stumped
I still love

all grew up with my affection
I keep it to everlasting in the hearts
to bloom and die old
My right present to the conqueror silent mu

August 10, 2012


I simply love a beam
stored in a white sheet
neatly arranged in the liver
and in crushed like crap .....

now .....
I can merasan ...
The heart is absolutely scandalous
filled with love farce

when all exposed
dadapun broken into pieces
would I survive
here .....
in my white sheets are increasingly memburam

Know ......
I'm really fed up with this charade
I play an increasingly squeeze
to invite my soul depart in arrogance .....

August 6, 2012

Think lover Nobody In

a heart that has been formed
converge in sincerity
intertwined in bonds of love
formed in a rhythm

but braid it vanished
shaken by the sense of turning
hatipun only able to turn
see that love is fading

love even more distant
I try to endure it here
although this is not considered to be
I had to wait for the liver was re-

I'm not trying
give the most beautiful heart
as long as I stand
you're a lover terindahku
though .......
The heart never thought I
though ......
The ink scraping in my heart

My eyes water

the bitterness in the soul
which has been explored
it all seems so complicated
bring clear keperihanku

now all grown
bloom and wilt not
decomposes so beautifully framed
has now become clear my tears

one by one disappeared swept
shared melancholy lost my little heart
tone that was not beautiful anymore I hear
arrogance made ​​me leave in the soul

now I have a sweet smile
even though my breath
I make this right into my dreams
even though you clear the tears

August 1, 2012

Beloved Indonesia

Indonesiaku smile ....
that we are free
laugh Indonesiaku
for all this freedom ...

standing upright ....
scream voice .....
flung kekalutanmu ....
realize our dreams ..................

one heart for the soul
one soul for one purpose
uniting the separate parts of our
and we will be strong

The dam break
shocks destroy it
all will be gone swept
and we will remain united .............


integral long time ......
black fog covered the
drifted downstream to the liver
stranded on the edge of longing

body weakened heart breath ....
feeling when I see it
distractedly eyes closed ...
My heart knows when it turned

now I just hide
in hiding tonight
try to lend my hand
ducking my head prop increasingly lonely .........

ill will

but the heart still hidden
although taste is still the same
what's wrong with your feelings
would you still keep me

if still there ....
why should be hidden
if only because of prestige??
or is it just an act

Hear these words
teriklas utterance of my lips
although sometimes only a joke
but it was certainly

This should ku desist
letting my heart is scratched
lock passionate desire
hide the feelings in my heart,,,,,,,,